Nerissa Wolfson is an American vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Bicol region of the Philippines.  "Smooth emotive, rhythmically assured and a swinging singer with a light, rather smokey delivery", she explores diverse idioms utilizing her wide range and uniquely lyrical approach.

Nerissa is a tremendously versatile performer.  For her debut recording as a leader, "Everything Starts Now", Nerissa sought to highlight her versatility by interpreting popular music through the jazz idiom.   Employing a fusion of jazz with pop, reggae, and folk music, the listener is left with an impressive musical journey through the crossroads of current and classic American music. 

She learned to play guitar from her father at an early age and as an adult learned to play the Middle Eastern oud.   Before arriving in Philadelphia, where she is currently based, Nerissa performed in several Middle Eastern countries including UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Oman.  Since completing her degree at Temple University she has been performing extensively in and around Philadelphia as well as New York City and Washington, DC.  In addition to a busy performance schedule, Nerissa is a vocal instructor in the Philadelphia region.